Observation Sheets

Just click on the title of the observation sheet you want to use and print…ready to go!

Observation Sheet 1

Observation Sheet 1 Type-able

Great for group or individual child observations for portfolios. Also good to highlight of EYLF, Key Learning Area focus and the areas where children spend their time for parents.

Observation Sheet 2

Observation Sheet 2 Type-able

Great observation sheet for easy highlight EYLF focus and KLA skills and knowledge. Lots of detail for parents/guardians to see what’s happening. Can be used for individual or group.

Observation Sheet 3

Observation Sheet 3 Type-able

Great for general experience evaluation and individual child observation.

FDC Anecdotal Observations

FDC Anecdotal Observations Type-able

Day Care.Prepep.Kindy Anecdotal Observations

Day Care.Prepep.Kindy Anecdotal Observations Type-able

These 2 documents (one for Family Day Care and one for Center-based Care only due to numbers of children) are for short observations on the go.  No sitting up at night and re-writing or typing up.  Put the sheets in a clipboard folder and close it up to keep it confidential but still have quick access while with the children. Then add to your planning folder at the end of the day. Child’s name, date and initials of the staff member that observes the action!  Easy as that.

Linked Reflection.Developmental Journal

Linked Reflection.Developmental Journal Type-able

The Linked Reflection/Developmental Journal is also an go the go resource but follows an individual child’s behaviour, experiences or development.  For example, you notice one of the babies is pulling themselves up and trying to step around furniture.  Walking is a major developmental step in a child’s life and one to record, reflect upon and encourage.  This would be a good developmental step to keep a journal on and show how this skill was encouraged.

Rose3 Learning Reflection

Rose3 Learning Reflection Type-able

Learning Story Observation Reflection Sheet

Learning Story observation Reflection Sheet Type-able

The following Learning Event observation sheet is an easy way to document and develop learning across a child’s whole day in care, particularly in childcare settings where children may be in the care of multiple educators across longer hours of care. (as presented at the Childcare Queensland Conference 2012)

Learning Event Observation Sheet