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Christmas Craft and the Play-based environment

Christmas craft…does it truly fit into the philosophy of the play-based environment.  Some purists would say NO!  Christmas craft is too adult directed and instructional to fit in.  If educators are doing activities…with set product to be created with little (or sometimes no) input by the child I would then have to agree.  However, I […]

Christmas and religous discussion…

There has always been debate about Christmas celebrations in a multicultural society.  Will Christmas experiences offend those who do not believe in or celebrate Christmas?  Some educational settings going as far as Christmas being ignored.  Here are some thoughts… If the families of the children in your care celebrate Christmas, it can’t be ignored, it is a major life event for many children, […]


Yes we know it’s here, and here to stay!  I get the feeling that many educators are still in fear mode of this document…and all I can say is please don’t be!  There is a lot of support to be had.  Some of the best information has been information coming from Early Childhood Australia.  I had the great privilege […]

Change is here…

I went to a very informative meeting last week, aimed at keeping early years educators informed about up coming changes in the accreditation system for all styles and types of care. Change is always difficult. The fear of the unknown, the difficulty in first implementing the changes and the basic facts that we all need […]

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Learning Experience vs Activities…What’s the difference?

I like to use this comparison when I am explaining the difference between a learning experience and an activity.  Let’s compare the learning experience of threading vs. the activity of beading a bracelet.  Threading is an open ended strategy for practicing skills and knowledge, for example fine motor skills manipulating small items and patterning and sequencing […]

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Hello from the first of many Rose3 posts.  If you are trying to have a look around the site please keep visiting as more and more will be added for your information.  Let me know by email if there are any topics you would like to discuss.  Today at a local Kindy we were having […]