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Developmentally Appropriate Learning…Play, Naturally!

Master 6 ate fists full of sand before he was 1 year old!  Yum!

Developmentally appropriate learning is often a major concern of early years educators and families alike.  Is this what they should be doing at their age? Often, however, when the learning or home environment encourages child-led enquiry and play-based learning, this is not an issue.  Children of many different developmental stages can be active learners in […]

It’s about “Best Practice”… for Educators, Families and Children.

Kids and mum

Recently I have read numerous blogs and posts about child lead curriculum; open ended learning experiences vs the continuing use of structured, product oriented activities.  Educators are saying they are getting “bullied” about using certain types of activities.   Let’s all stop and take a breath. First of all, I believe that educators should come […]

“Happy Preppies” – Supporting Children for Life and Learning

Olivias first day head shot

This week I had the privileged of presenting as part of the Narangba/Burpengary Coalition Early Years Strategy.  With the focus squarely on the importance of Early Childhood (0-8 years); our local community of schools, kindergartens, early education and care centres and schemes, therapists, allied health and all services associated with children and families have joined […]

Sickness – BAH! Parents, back to work!


I am sick.  Bronchitis with an asthma chaser.  Great.  Worse still, my youngest was home sick yesterday (ear ache from flu that gave me bronchitis ) and my middle girl is home today (probably same thing we’ve all had).  In reflection of the last week 2 weeks, I’m sure we all should have had more […]

More meaning for ANZAC Day

Anzac Day

I have just got off the phone, I was talking to one of my Rose3 members.  We were discussing the ever constant problem of “To Theme or not To Theme”. This question always comes to the fore around the very special events of the year; one of those being Anzac Day. Commemorating any specific events […]

Oh Agency…I can’t decide!


The weekend before last my children where swimming in the pool. I warned them that it was getting close to the time of their favourite weekend television program. (Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon) Usually, if they miss this particular program, there are sad faces everywhere I turn so, I reminded them it was on. My […]

Are Schooling and Innovation Mutually Exclusive?


Recently I was listening to a highly educated panel on television discussing the economics of the nation. The six gentlemen who made up the panel were all respected experts from various business and political fields, considered leaders of the country in opinion, possibly guiding national policy on these matters. Economics is not usually riveting TV […]

2015…The Year of Persistence…


I love a good inspirational book. Sometimes these are in the form of great novels, sometimes they are educational non-fiction or journals. And then, sometimes, they are in the form of small inspirational quotation books. There are many small quotation books in any book shop and I love them. They give me little pearls of […]

The Minefield of School Readiness

squish and roll

When traveling around the state speaking to parents and educators I am often asked the dreaded School Readiness Question: “What do the children need to know to be ready for school?” The answer to this question is a philosophical minefield, and everyone has an opinion.  Parents who wish the best for their children want to […]

Colourful Petals for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Gift to Educators… Our industry is very female heavy and many educators are Mothers, Grandmothers and significant carers in all their many forms in our society (foster mums, step mums…the list is long and varied).  I believe it is only fitting that I give a gift to you all for Mother’s Day.  Please […]

Anzac Day

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day is here again and always brings many emotions bubbling up for me.  It has always been a very important cultural commemoration in my family.  I can’t listen to the “Last Post” with out tears coming to my eyes, my thoughts always go to all those families, across time, that have been shattered by […]