What a Year…2013!

We are back in the festive season again and I’m not dealing with it very well!  What happened to 2013?

Time seems to have slipped through the hour glass at the speed of light.  It has been a huge year at Rose3, mainly because of the presenting and training load on the work side of things, and the personal side, we have been renovating the house. (Note to self in the future…never renovate home and grow business at same time!)  The organizational side of my office truly tells the tale of the last few months…it looks like a bomb has hit it.  No, I will not be posting a photo, too scary!

I know that this tends to be the time of year that we are all doing a “stocktake”, and not only of the equipment kind.What’s been achieved, were program goals met, have we helped develop those little people in our care, have we done all we could?

In asking these questions, I realise that most early childhood educators set themselves very high goals. We, as educators, have always been big on reflection on actions, and now that it is a mandatory requirement and must all be documented, we are probably doing more.

When I am in “End of Year” reflective mode, I tend to look at the year in terms of the things I have not achieved:I didn’t: Facebook for Rose3 enough, write and develop all the documentation ideas I had for this year (I have so many on the list to write!), didn’t do enough newsletters, definitely didn’t blog enough…and the list can go on, I haven’t even included personal goals like “always get the washing folded and put away”…LOL definitely not achieved!

I often forget to celebrate achievements, (probably a down side of working for yourself), and I think this is so important, whether you are reflecting on your personal goals or the goals that you supported children in your care, a fellow educator or your centre or scheme to achieve.

In your end of year round up, remember to not only celebrate Christmas and end of year, but celebrate your achievements with the children.Many centres and schemes do this as a photo montage or a power point presentation.Remember, this is part of your documentation and reflection of the year, include all the wonderful small moments, as well as the big moments in your learning environment.

When the children were amazed by a bug in the garden and you suggested they research it on the internet.When a shy child tried the feely walk for the first time, you held their hand. When a child joined in a finger rhyme or shared a toy, you were there to help and guide.

Remember, these are the BIG moments and achievements, those many small steps that you helped a child to take. This is why we work with children.

So as you reflect and begin to list the many things that were not achieved this year, acknowledge them, put them on the list for next year, then move on to celebrate what the children achieved for themselves this year, as it was you who were there to help them along their way…

Have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year.

Here are some of the little things that have been big to us this year…

Painting with friend

Collecting the eggs

Cooking – We love it and didn’t have an oven for 4 months!

Puddles – when it did finally rain.

We love trains!


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