On the 9th day of Christmas…

On the 9th day of Christmas, Rose 3 gave to me…

Christmas Wishes Lists


A4 paper for individual lists/Poster size for group lists.

Pencils, felt pens… what ever the children would like to use to make their wish lists.

A collection of magazines and “junk” mail for children to see what their family might like for Christmas.



Extra items: laminator.

A “Word Wall” of family and friends names  (with photos helps to help with wish lists.)

How to:

Christmas wish list pages can be completed in many different ways depending on your group of children.  Here are some suggestions:

Children can draw, write or cut pictures for their loved ones or friends wishes.  Children need to think about who they would like to make a wish list for and what that person might like.  You may wish to do individual lists with children or a group wish list.

Wishes might be a simple as a hug, something that is made for the person like a picture, painting or collage or something they might like to buy for that person.

If they are ready to try, let children refer to their Word Wall of names: first discussing how to identify names, and then attempting to write them on the top of that persons list.

Extension Ideas:

List other Christmas wishes that other people might like, not just family and friends, but others around the world.  Encourage children to think of people less fortunate than them, how could they help others at Christmas.

Make a book of individual or group wishes, (for e.g. “my mum would like a hug and kiss, my sister would like a bike”). Book pages can be laminated for longevity.  Punch holes in corner and add to a curtain ring to be read during the Christmas season.

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