On the 8th day of Christmas…

On the 8th day of Christmas, Rose3 gave to me…

Free Drawing on Christmas Candles

Fully planned for members at Rose3!


Wax candles, thick are best (available from craft suppliers or any $2 shop)
A range of permanent or paint pens (I found Sharpies and Posca paint pens the best) Make sure the pens are felt tip and not metal tip.
PVA glue            Glitter                   Christmas songs CD

How to:

Show children how to use the very special paint pens (to get a flow of paint)
Discuss the wax surface and that they need to draw very gently or the pens will dig into the wax.
Discuss the patterns or symbols of Christmas they may wish to include on their candle. Let them free draw their creation.

Paint pens often need a moment to dry or smudging can occur.

They may wish to enhance their picture with some small dots of glitter.
Playing Christmas music during drawing enhances the experience.

Extension Ideas:

Some children may have difficulty drawing directly on wax. Drawing on rice or grease proof paper then gluing onto candle also works.

Paint a Christmas mural discussing the symbols and traditions of Christmas.

Make dip candles ,bulk wax supplies and wick can is available from any craft supplier.

(making candles may need one on one supervision due to the dangers of hot wax. This will depend on age and developmental stage of children)

Check out the Christmas dinosaur…love it!  Have Fun.

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