On the 4th day of Christmas…

On the 4th day of Christmas Rose3 gave to me…

Christmas Stained Glass

Fully planned for members at Rose3…


Clear adhesive sheets/book covering (like “Contact”) or clear plastic sheets and glue (economy choice)
Red, green, silver and gold cellophane and rice paper, glitter. Scissors.
A4 Cardboard “frame” with large Christmas shapes cut out.
(* A simple frame can solve frustration with the stickiness of contact problem, gives children something to hold. Just stick frame onto adhesive sheet and re-attach the contact backing sheet to the exposed sticky bit, to be removed at any time. Framed ’Stained glass” sheets can be available at the collage area, just pull the backing sheet off.)

How too:

Let children freely create, sticking the cellophane, paper and glitter on to the adhesive sheet.

Discuss the different effects and the symbolic Christmas shapes in the cardboard.

Encourage children to hold their creation up to the light throughout the process to see the different  effects.

Different coloured cellophane on top of each other can create colour mixing effects. Tissue and rice paper create frosted effects.

Depending on a child’s age and developmental stage children can cut out shapes, glue on plastic sheets and then collage materials, increasing the difficulty.  The contact prepared version is great for younger children.

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