On the 12th day of Christmas…

On the 12th day of Christmas, Rose3 gave to me

Reindeer Antlers and the Reindeer Pokey Dance


Scissors and staplers (or children’s choice of ways to attach)

Cardboard for antler creation

paints or colours or collage materials to decorate.

How to:  (this is only a suggested method, children may have other ideas!)

Depending on the age and developmental stage, children can have as much creative and construction input as would like.

A simple set of antlers can be made with a single strip of heavy card around the children’s head, joined to fit.

Children can the draw/design their own antlers.  Looking at antlers and discussing what they look like is important.

Once a child has drawn 2 antlers on card (as thick as possible for children to be able to cut.) let them cut the antlers out and attach to the headband of cardboard.

Children can then paint and decorate their antlers.

Children can then dress up as reindeer for the Reindeer Pokey (sing to the Hokey Pokey)

“Put your right antler in, put your right antler out, put your right antler in and shake it all about
You do the reindeer pokey and you turn around, and that’s what it’s all about”
(other parts of a reindeer: hooves, tail etc)

I really hope you have had fun with the Rose3 12 Days of Christmas… Merry Christmas!

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