On the 10th day of Christmas…

On the 10th day of Christmas, Rose3 gave to me…

Christmas Post Learning Centre

Suggested Materials for the Learning Centre

Paper of all different sizes and types.

A selection of Christmas cards and materials to make cards and envelops.

Pens, pencils and possible collage materials for creating.

A post box, to mail letters and cards to each other.

(make the box box construction, the children will have many ideas)

A “Word Wall” of family and friends names  (with photos helps to help with wish lists.)

How to:

Discuss the sending of Christmas mail and cards.

Children can create freely (depending on their age and developmental stage) drawing, scribbling, writing and creating for others.

Then children can put their letters and drawings in  envelops to mail to others. (of course many will need help with the “address”)

Have an internal postal service.  If children have pockets or lockers, the daily postie could deliver the mail.

If they are ready to try, let children refer to their Word Wall of names: first discussing how to identify names, and then attempting to write them on the top of that persons list.

Extension Ideas

Make Christmas decorations and other gifts for friends and send them as packages (box construction and  wrapping paper)

Write letters to Santa using the address Australia Post address:



and post for real! See www.auspost.com.au/personal/letters-to-santa.html for more information.

Visit the post office to post letters.

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