Mother’s Day

 Mother’s Day is here again and educators around the nation have been madly trying to produce “something special” with the children in their care for those unsung hero’s…the mums.

This Mother’s day I would like to share a fabulous poem with you.  Rose3 members have received copies of the poem (check your in-boxes!) to use with the children and it says exactly how I feel about Mother’s day.  

I first was given this poem by my then 2.8 year old (now 5.8 year old Prep. Olivia) when I put her into kindy 1 day a week.  My second girl, Eve,  was 5 months old and a non-sleeper.  I tried everything, but she would not sleep longer than 2-3 hours at one time.  I realise some mums have it much worse, and think that 2-3 hours would be a blessing, but I do not cope with broken sleep well and my first had slept 12 hour nights from 2.5 months…so this not sleeping was a new thing to me.  The 1 day of Kindy gave me time to sleep when the baby slept and not be running after a very bright and bubbly 2 year old.  (interestingly, at 2 years old when Eve stopped wetting and wearing a night nappy, she also stopped waking up all the time…we now think she just couldn’t sleep through wetting a nappy!)

The poem “A Recipe for Mother’s” reflected my life exactly, and at times still does now (with a 5,3 and 1 year old in the house).  It also still makes me cry (even though I was so sleep deprived when I first read it, I used to cry quite frequently and at very small things.)

I want all mums out there to remember we all have “those days” (weeks and months!).  The days when nothing gets done, when you feel that you have failed at everything, and the house looks like a bomb has hit it.  I would like to pay tribute to the Kindy teacher who gave the poem to us, the fabulous Leita, who’s understanding and care of the whole Kindy community is outstanding.  She continues to look after my children (and my family!) with great love, care and commitment to this day.

Please highlight and click on the link and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Poem A Recipe for all Mothers

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