Yes we know it’s here, and here to stay!  I get the feeling that many educators are still in fear mode of this document…and all I can say is please don’t be!  There is a lot of support to be had.  Some of the best information has been information coming from Early Childhood Australia.  I had the great privilege to go to the conference this year in South Australia and it was fantastic!

The EYLF sessions showed everyday educators in family day care and long day care settings doing what educators in play based setting have all done for years.   It is just knowing how to link what your already do to the outcomes!

Rose3 can help you.   Go to our “Sneak and Peek” section to see some sample support documents. I also recommend all early childhood educators to subscribe to the EYLF Professional Learning Program enewsletter. To subscribe eylfplp@earlychildhood.org.au .  Or go to www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au for details.   It’s great info and you feel inspired after reading…you remember why you wanted to work with children.

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