Easter thoughts and treats for family and friends…

In a time when Hot Crossed Buns are in shops from January and children are surrounded by things they can buy, I think focusing on the meaning of Easter with your family and friends becomes so much more important.

In years gone by, our family celebrated Easter with a gathering on Good Friday at my parent’s house. This year, for many different reasons, our big gathering is not taking place.  I have mixed feelings about the big event not happening this year (even though it is unavoidable, mainly due to family illness).  One is, I’m sad to say, relief (the work you have to put in preparing for one of these things!!!) but I also fear that loss of family togetherness and thoughtfulness toward others.

In preparing for large family gatherings, a lot of thought is placed on extended family members… What would everyone like to eat? What sort of Easter treat would they like? What can I make for them?  I believe it is so important, particularly for children, to see that focus on someone other than yourself or themselves.  Of course, my kids are very focused on what yummies will be in their baskets of Sunday morning, but I have been very conscious of them thinking about others and what gifts we will give to other members of our family.  We have a number of food allergies amongst our family and friends, so chocolate eggs are not always the most appropriate gift!

We baked gifts for the girls Year 1 and Kindy teachers.  I felt this was a gift the children could create themselves (they love cooking) and was a little more special than racing down the shop to pick up some eggs.  Teachers and Educators are extremely important to young children and, to the child, are often seen as extended family; therefore special focus is warranted.

For our own family, we are making some home- made Easter Eggs.  We saw them in the Coles catalogue a couple of weeks ago and the kids have been beside themselves to have ago at them ever since.  I’ve never been very fond of Easter egg moulds (pouring warm/hot chocolate into eggs moulds with children is fraught with disaster!), so when I saw this recipe I thought it was great and much more child inclusive than so many other recipes.  I like the idea of the kids dipping balloons in chocolate, very hands on and tactile!  I also believe when you make a gift for someone, your love and care for them shows (even if the gift is not perfect!).

So this is my gift to everyone who supports Rose3 this Easter.

Easter Delights (thank you Cadbury for this great recipe!)

350g Milk Chocolate Melts                           6 Balloons

250ml Double Cream                                      250g Milk Chocolate Melts

2 egg whites                                                       2 tablespoons caster sugar

Yellow liquid food colouring

  1. Melt half milk chocolate in a bowl over simmering water (or I use the microwave!).  Remove from heat and add remaining milk choc.  Stir until smooth.
  2. Partly inflate balloons to size of small orange (if you want to make more, have smaller size balloons!).  Dip the rounded end of the balloon into the chocolate and place on a paper lined tray to set.  Repeat for all balloons. Refrigerate overnight.  When chocolate has set, pop and remove  balloons.
  3. Combine double cream with the white chocolate in a bowl and simmer over water until chocolate has melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  4. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (I love my Kenwood Chief for this, but electric beaters will do) and gradually beat in sugar until dissolved to make light meringue. Gently fold into white chocolate mixture.  Colour 1 cup of mixture yellow.
  5. Divide white mouse/meringue mix between milk choc cups and place one spoon of yellow on top of white. (yes, they look like broken eggs) Refrigerate before serving.

(Go To www.cadburykitchen.com.au for some pics!…I will also be posting pics of our home baked efforts as well!)

Have fun with it, I know we will. I wonder how much chocolate with be everywhere except on the balloons.

Have a wonderful, safe and restful (you know you need it!) Easter.

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