Colourful Petals for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gift to Educators…

Our industry is very female heavy and many educators are Mothers, Grandmothers and significant carers in all their many forms in our society (foster mums, step mums…the list is long and varied).  I believe it is only fitting that I give a gift to you all for Mother’s Day.  Please download and print for use:

 Colourful Petals 

The Colourful Petals learning experience idea came from a picture posted on my Facebook wall about making rainbow roses.  I had previously done this as a science experiment with other plants, like celery, but never the multi-coloured kind and never with roses. (Probably because it is a little expensive, unless you have your own rose garden!).  My children have really enjoyed checking our experiment each day, discussing their observations, the successes and failures.

As I believe that all we see on the internet tends to look perfect (Pinterest can be very demoralising), I wanted to test to see how it looks in reality (when using flowers from the garden, not from the florist, collected and chosen by the children).  Science experiments and items made by children themselves rarely look like the picture on screen or in the book and nor should we expect them too.  The learning process for children can be messy, usually is, and how the product looks does not always equate to the amazing learning that has taken place.

I can always tell when an adult has “fixed” a child’s creation, I think we should fight this urge at all costs.  The child’s attempts are far more valuable than an adult or educator proving they can glue a perfectly cut out heart on to a perfectly folded card straight.  It doesn’t have to be straight or perfect; it just has to be the child’s creation, with the love and thought that went into it.

Remember, children are amazingly capable, if we allow it. 

Here are our Colourful Petals experiment results (with some pictures after 1 day):               

Best and quickest to colour:                        May Flowers

2nd fastest and best rainbow effect:        Roses (the stems are easier to cut into 2/3 sections)

Cutest and most interesting effect:         Daisies (the centre and tips coloured!)


May Bush Flower





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