Change is here…

I went to a very informative meeting last week, aimed at keeping early years educators informed about up coming changes in the accreditation system for all styles and types of care. Change is always difficult. The fear of the unknown, the difficulty in first implementing the changes and the basic facts that we all need to learn something new always bring out the “I can’t do it” in all of us. That coupled with the fact that all of our lives are so complex and busy, that learning something new, be that a method of planning, a new document or new rating system just seems an extra, difficult job that has to be achieved.
As I sat thinking of all the difficulties that will be faced by the new system, I also thought about the problems that could be solved if all goes to plan. Systems of Early Childhood care and education will have 1 rating system across the nation. Expectations will be a level playing field…if you have a HIGH level centre or scheme in one state and a High level in another state, you can be sure that those centres are rated by exactly the same system. Parents no longer need to take “pot luck” when choosing care for their children.
I also believe the great educational centres and those already providing high quality services will be recognised. Yes, some people, centres and schemes may need to lift their game…but I believe that this is for a greater good…so that children in care receive best practice, quality care and education, the best start to their life ahead. Remember, parents are trusting us with their most valuable and precious gift…their child.

As educators we talk about setting children up as “life long learners”.  Maybe it’s about time we all practiced what we preached…we may all learn something, improving ourselves and lives of the children in our care.

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