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Hello from the first of many Rose3 posts.  If you are trying to have a look around the site please keep visiting as more and more will be added for your information.  Let me know by email if there are any topics you would like to discuss.  Today at a local Kindy we were having an interesting discussion on natural or processed materials for the collage trolley.  Apparently there are those who believe ONLY natural products should be used.  My question is why?  Don’t get me wrong, I love natural materials; they are readily available and beautiful for children to use in all sorts of ways, however aren’t we (adults, educators, carers) limiting creativity, imagination and artistic expression by limiting the collage trolley to only the natural?  I think limiting materials in certain situations and with specific goals in mind is great, but limiting certain materials all the time seems to me to be limiting children’s experience?  Email your thoughts to

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