Belonging, Being and Bubbles…

Today a wonderful thing happened.  I blew bubbles for my 3 children to chase around our back yard.  Olivia,5; Eve,3; and Leo,1; ran and giggled and jumped and shared and were together.  We didn’t plan this momentous event…while we were cleaning the toys on the back patio a large bubble blower rolled out that was still full.  This was all that was required to start this magical experience.

I did no pre-planning, this opportunity just presented itself and we all took advantage of it.  If we had planned every minute of our day it would have never happened and I wouldn’t have been able to see how wonderful the children are just being together.  To the untrained eye, they were children “just playing” and we were “just blowing bubbles”.   As the educator in me is never too far away (yes it is habit forming after 23 years) I saw:

  • children with a strong sense of identity (they felt safe, secure and supported each other as the older looked after the younger, caring  for each other. )
  • children connecting and contributing to their world, belonging to our family group, making sure everyone got their fair share of bubbles to bust.
  • children with a strong sense of well-being;  happily playing together, running and jumping to pop the bubbles.
  • children who are confident and involved learners, discussing bubbles, how they fly and float on the wind, watching the colours “just like rainbows” move through the bubbles, learning how to blow them so you could “get lots”.
  • children who were effective communicators chatting verbally (my girls) and non-verbally (my little man) with each other, the youngest  just as much apart of the “discussion”; as anyone who has got a vocabulary greater than 10 words (and growing!).

It was all there right in front of my eyes on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in our back yard.  No elaborate set up, materials or educational equipment.  Just a bubble wand and 3 children.  I was really just the blower of bubbles and followed their discussion, asked questions, imagined and investigated with them.

Remember, when you are trying to make sense of all the new documents, new outcomes, new planning and new proceedures; the children are doing what they have always done…learned from doing, playing, experiencing.  Children are born to learn, born to belong, be and become.

We as adults, mothers, fathers, educators and carers need to give them the space in our hectic lives.  Give them the freedom, the time and a safe, loving environment, they will do the rest.

So my suggestion to everyone is to go blow some bubbles…you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

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