The Rose3 Story

How it all began…

I started my career in early childhood in 1990; fresh out of Kelvin Grove Teachers College  (BCAE).  I started my career in Early Childhood in Western Queensland working in an Early Education Centre with Education Queensland.

Over the course of my 26+ year career I have been a preschool, primary, high school teacher and a small school principal.  I have worked as a group leader and director in Long Day Care and as a director in a stand alone kindergarten.

I also moved into adult training through positions in educational publishing and as head trainer and operations manager with in the corporate world.  Just shows the diversity of skills that can be developed by educators.

Before my husband and I started our family, I moved back into teaching early childhood.  Over the next few years our family grew.

I was about to have baby number 3 when the Early Years Learning Framework was first published.  Two family members were working in Family Day Care when all the changes began and started asking me lots of questions about this new document and what it all meant.

One opted out of Family Daycare at that time and the other came to me to discuss an idea she had for small craft activity packs for family day carers.  She asked all manner of advice on what should be included in the packs and all manner of educational questions, due to my qualifications and years of experience working with children.

We then started to discuss some of the new planning requirements for family day carers (educators).   Many carers (this family member included) were very confused by the Early Years Learning Framework.   It was at that time, I started to create the documentation method and overviews that you now see on Rose3.  I thought that my years of experience working with different planning documents, guidelines, curriculum guides, objectives and outcome statements could help link activities with the EYLF and support educators and carers with the new requirements.  I had always wanted to write educational materials, an idea sparked years before by my managers in educational publishing.  It seemed the perfect fit for my life at that time, with 3 young children, one of them a new born.

I still remember the day that my family member saw the initial “documentation” sheet and the Early Years Learning Framework Overview.  She was amazed and said it was fantastic…even taking it to show a scheme that very week.

The first Educators Kit I completed in March 2010.  It was received so well that another was completed towards the end of March 2010.

Unfortunately, in April 2010 I was told that my services were no longer required.   My name, as author, was removed from all Educators kits, copyright notices and website information.   I received no payment for any of the work I had done.  I had spent 4 months working and had nothing.  I was devastated that so much work and effort had gone into the development and production of the documents.  I was also devastated that the first writing I had ever done had been stolen by a family member that I trusted.

It was then I decided to improve the resources, go back to the best practice of learning through play that I had always followed in my own learning environments, and self publish.

Rose3 was born.  The Rose3 website went into development in July 2010.  Unfortunately, dogged by technical problems in development, the site did not launch until November/December 2010.  As I had my “Website Gurus” working on that side of things, I used this time to learn.  I went to any seminar going, even scraped together enough from our tight family budget to fly down to the Early Childhood Conference in Adelaide so I could get the latest and most up to date information to improve what had already been developed.  Throughout this time, I went back to what I had always known; what early learning is all about…Play.

Learning through exploration, imagination, problem solving, creating and the world around; interacting with people and the learning environment.

Now I knew the direction I wanted to take: open-ended, play-based learning experiences.

This website of materials is the result…that is the Rose3 story…so far, there is so much more to come!

So I hope you choose to join me on this journey, I would love these materials to help you help the children in your care to grow.