Rose3 Philosphophy

I believe that a child’s learning development, environment and experiences during early childhood mould their future. For our children to meet the challenges that they will face now and throughout their lives, they need to be emotionally strong, risk-taking learners who will not only be able to think about the questions the world has for them now, but have the skills, knowledge and courage to meet the challenges we cannot yet see.

Meaningful, supported play allows the child to develop at their own level and in their own time. Play has within it all the skills and knowledge required for future academic and life learning…we, as educators, just need to be able to see inside the play and use this natural learning resources to guide, support and extend the children and their learning environments; to challenge their current skills, knowledge and thinking.

I wish to support educators, schemes, centre and the wider community understand children’s learning, so we can all learn and GROW, together.”

Rebecca Rose Perkins