Here are some great websites I have come across…hope you find them helpful too!

Elite Etiquette Australia

(great for all ages, Danielle Lott is the founder, a highly experienced educator and , I am very proud to say, a contributing educational writer for Rose3.)

What does Elite Etiquette Australia Offer?

We absolutely do NOT offer boring, old-fashioned and out of date advice. Here at Elite Etiquette we bring the excitement, enchantment and entertainment to etiquette training.


With all your new found knowledge you will feel confident and empowered to try your new skills out, and take on the world!


Especially for the kiddies…..all our children’s programs and books are full of fun & fantasy. Aahh, the magic of manners!


Funny quizzes and exercises and engaging activities that put a modern twist on etiquette and provide an exciting and educational experience.  Check out Elite Etiquette Australia

Global Kids Oz

If you are looking for fabulous multicultural resources, go to Global Kids Oz.  JJ Stranan, founder and owner of this wonderful resourcing website, is so passionate about children knowing where they are from, who they are and how they “fit” into our complex multicultural society.    As she states  “Australia is a multiculturally diverse society – an amalgamation of sub-cultures which are spread all over the country.  Our future is shaped by every one of these cultures, the languages we speak, the customs we practice and the knowledge we can share.”

The resources are of high quality and all Rose3 members get 10% off any purchases made through Global Kids Oz.  JJ has also included a fantastic amount of interesting, free educational content.  There are 10 Rose3 experiences with multicultural links included, showing educators how Global Kids Oz resources support play based learning and the Early Years Learning Framework.  Go take a look!