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I believe that a child’s learning development, environment and experiences during early childhood mould their future. Read More

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Rose3-testimonial-image copyI would like to express my sincere appreciation and many thanks to Rose 3 for creating amazing resources based on the NQS and EYLF, which make documentation as a home educator so much easier. Rose 3’s immense wealth of knowledge in early childhood is to be commended, and I wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy.

I used to stress about documenting experiences with the NQS and EYLF, but now Rose 3’s resources have made this task so much easier. Rose 3 has brought back my passion for working with children and helping me ensure that all areas of national guidelines and frameworks are covered. Last, but not least, having easier documentation has relieved sleep deprivation form staying up to finish documentation.

Rose 3’s professionalism shines in all that they pen down, and I highly recommend Rose 3 to all educators, thus saving our sanity.

Thank you very much for all you do,

Georgette Ahfock
Home educator for 27 years
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